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Kirlian Photography, Bioluminesence, Holographic Concept

I Married the Wizard of Oz!
Our Adventures in Parapsychology, Paraphysics, and Metaphysics

by Iona Miller, ©2001

When I first met Richard Alan Miller in 1976, his career in Parapsychology was in full-swing. We had both come up with a strong background in Theosophy. Not only that, his interests in metaphysics, alchemy and Magick, which paralleled my own, as well as our mutual interests in Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology made us a formidable couple. So click the heels of your Ruby Slippers together three times, and come along for the ride.

Rick was notorious in Seattle, known as the "Emerald City" as their local media-savvy magician/witch and operated Beltane Occult Books and Beltane Herb Co. at the time, centers for a variety of what have come to be known as New Age activities and services. But these were no channeling housewives nor slacker hippies, for Rick was trained as a rigorous scientist, having built a cloud chamber, then a linear accelerator for the national science fair in high school, and a plasma jet in college. Clearly he was destined for experimental, rather than theoretical physics.

Wherever he went as a "strange attractor," he surrounded himself with an innovative group of individuals.

Miller had worked for duPont and Boeing in infrared countermeasures and in biophysics as an instrumentation specialist at the University of Washington, Department of Anesthesiology, under pain specialists Dr. Ray Fink and Dr. John Bonica. There he participated in the first studies in the U.S. on acupuncture. He had been taught by eminent scientists such as Dr. Charles Muses (hyperdimensional math) and Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorki (quantum biochemistry). Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman, on sabbatical from Cal Tech, were his first chemistry and physics teachers, in the John Day Lecture Series at the UW. Along with 12 graduate students, he audited David Bohm's 1970 class in Quantum Geoelectrodynamics. In graduate school, his thesis advisor was Dr. R. B. Murray, winner of the Nobel Prize in solid state physics. He also picked up such enrichment courses as Helmut Schmidt's "Eight Lectures on Yoga on the I Ching."

And he brought that rigor, and his security clearance, to the then embryonic science of parapsychology where his work was picked up for publication by Dr. Stanley Krippner, now Dean of Consciousness Studies At Saybrook Institute, the Transpersonal Psychology graduate school.

Miller had learned, as Kuhn told us, about the structure of scientific revolutions and how science purges itself of outmoded notions roughly every 20 years. He considers science to be the leading religion of the times--the modern day form of magic. And he was well-poised to be a player in the latest revolution which was forecast and outlined by Marilyn Ferguson in 1980 as The Aquarian Conspiracy, and by Fritjof Capra in The Tao of Physics and The Turning Point, and by Ken Wilber in The Holographic Paradigm.

The wise and wonderful Oz says, "Pay no attention; don't look at the man behind the curtain..." But since I was no naive Dorothy, but more like Glinda, the good witch of the South, I had a front-row, center seat for the festivities. Unlike Dorothy, there was no "falling asleep" in these excursions through a variety of multidisciplinary consciousness-altering "fields."


Rick began his professional career as a physicist, then as a biophysicist and instrumentation specialist. His first foray into Parapsychology, or more accurately Paraphysics, came in Nov-Dec of 1972. He conducted experiments in Kirlian Photography with Karl Elmendorff at the University of Washington. He was aided in this effort by Dr. John Bonica and Dr. Neidemeyer, who had worked on the Manhattan Project.

Miller wrote the field theory for Kirlian photography; these experiments showed the effect to be a secondary emission of electrons ionizing local gases, rather than a bioluminescent phenomenon of extrasensory or spiritual importance. People were pre-disposed to see physical demonstrations of so-called auras, and so they attributed the phenomenon to this traditional analog, because it served their belief system. This effect also can occur among researchers where it is known as experimenter-bias.

However, even when Miller's finding was published as "The Physical Mechanisms in Kirlian Photography" in 1975 in The Energies of Consciousness, edited by Stanley Krippner and David Rubin for Gordon & Breach, the superstitious interpretations continued, and continue to this day. Other contributors to this Krippner book included Edgar Mitchell, Victor Adamenko, William A. Tiller, John Pierrakos, Theodore Barber, David Bresler, and James Hurtak.

This work was also published as part of Kirlian Electrophotography, a data package prepared by Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. headquartered on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington D.C., a government front organization. Miller's contribution was the Kirlian Device Circuit Diagram.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your Kirlian experiments? How did they lead to your more general interest in bioluminescence? How did your graduate thesis on luminescence and superconductivity lead to your speculative paper on the Biological Function of the Third Eye?


In the spring of 1973, Rick met Burt Webb through the Experimental College at the University of Washington. The Experimental College was the graduate project (MBA thesis) of another friend, Michael Wells Mandeville, and became the model nationally for community-based continuing education. Michael is now pursuing his predictions of earth changes based on Edgar Cayce's prophecies, and often appears on talk radio, (

Burt was a technology forecaster in the local chapter of the World Future Society. He had coordinated the computer exhibits at the Global Village conference at Evergreen State College, sponsored by the Governor's office. Burt shared Rick's interest in exploring the interface between science and the paranormal.

By September, 1973 Miller had found funding under the sponsorship of Seal Corporation, a thinly disguised front for Army Intelligence, doing business in Maine. Rick's handler was Ted Krueger. Experiments conducted here were primarily in ESP monitoring and induction through Hypnosis.

Rick subcontracted Burt for a research project requested by Krueger. Burt's job was to develop a series of products which could exploit the public's interest in the paranormal. He reported back with 6 possible product designs.

The techniques for Inducing ESP through Forms of Self-Hypnosis came through collaboration with Yugoslavian hypnotist Milan Ryzl, who was a guest for several weeks. Employing Ryzl's techniques with his own synthesis, Miller was able to win the First Psychic Tournament, sponsored by Llewellyn Publications at the 5th Gnosticon Conference in Sept. 1975 . He competed with around 40 other self-styled psychics, such as Noel Tyl, Jean Dixon, Sybil Leek, James Hurtak, Isaac Bonewits.

Another development of this work is the ESP Questionaire, which Miller gave to around 1000 students at both the Gnosticon Festivals and his Experimental College class, where he taught the induction of ESP with self-hypnosis.

Another concurrent project at this time was Project Parafile, a computer-based bibliography of parapsychology and occult references to psi phenomena. This project was done in the days of card files, and the work was extensive. A full 10% of the entries related to ESP, even though the field was still in its infancy.

Burt led a group of volunteers who carefully keypunched thousands of citations onto punch cards. Ken Hockett and another Boeing employee utilized Boeing computers to create a database from the punch cards.

The Seal Reports were Miller's first paranormal works for the government, initiating him into the world of Black Ops as one of the original "Men in Black." Having shifted his worldview from that of a buttoned-down scientist to that of an open-minded psychonaut and consciousness explorer, he often found his experiments demonstrated the hypothesized psychophysical phenomena.

He embodied the paradox of being an underground regional "edge-celeb," yet at the same time being sponsored by a government often hostile to his worldview and orientation. In other words, he cleverly got the government to sponsor his parapsychology hobby! Or so he thought, little realizing how that information might be employed in twisted mind-control experiments, or how his own notoriety with the government could affect his further work.


In 1973, what has come to be known as the Pribram-Bohm Holographic Model was non-existent. But this Seattle think-tank, lead by Miller and Burt Webb were able to put together the work of Northrup and Burr on the electromagnetic nature of the human being with Gabor's work on holograms and come up with a new notion. Pribram had postulated 2-dimensional interference patterns, physical holograms, as underlying all thinking. The holographic component, for him, represented the associative mechanisms and contributed to memory retrieval and storage and problem-solving.

However, Miller, Webb and Dickson boldly asserted that the holographic metaphor extends to n-dimensions and therefore constitutes a fundamental description of the universe and our electromagnetic embedding within that greater field. Thus was born the "Holographic Concept of Reality" in 1973. This paper was presented at the 1st Psychotronic Conference in Prague in 1973, and later published by Gordon & Breach in 1975, and again in 1979 in Psychoenergetic Systems: the Interaction of Consciousness, Energy and Matter, edited by Stanley Krippner.

Other notable contributors to this volume included Michael A. Persinger, (now famous for his neuromagnetic simulations of alien abduction often demonstrated on TLC and the Discovery Channel), John Curtis Gowan (taxonomies of states of consciousness from Trance, Art and Creativity; Development of the Psychedelic Individual), Robert O. Becker (effects of electromagnetism on physical systems), Theodor Barber, David Bresler, S. D. Kirlian, and Thelma Moss.

Picking up on the work of Pribram independently, David Bohm published his explication of the holomovement in his classic text Wholeness and the Implicate Order, (1980) and the Pribram-Bohm theory was born and embraced widely as a foundation of the new sciences from physics to neuropsychology. This theory was fundamental to a deep understanding of the later emerging Chaos theory and Complexity, the dynamics of complex interrelated systems.

Rick took a primitive remote terminal to the Omniversal Symposium. He linked up to the Project Parafile database in Seattle, took questions from the audience and read off the answers returned by the database. This was the primitive forerunner of what have become laptop computers, but this terminal was briefcase-sized.

Miller and Webb followed up their ground-breaking paper with "Embryonic Holography," which was also presented at the Omniversal Symposium at California State College at Sonoma, hosted by Dr. Stanley Krippner, September 29, 1973. To our knowledge, this is the first paper to address the quantum biological properties of human beings--the first illustrations of the sources of quantum mindbody.

Dropping a level of observation below quantum biochemistry and conventional biophysics, they proposed that a biohologram determines the development of the human embryo; that we are a quantum bodymind with consciousness informing the whole process through the level of information. They postulated DNA as the possible holographic projector of the biohologram, patterning the three-dimensional electromagnetic standing and moving wave front that constitutes our psychophysical being.

This work was reprinted much later in the journal Psychedelic Monographs and Essays, Vol. 6, 1993. However, in the meantime, Miller had drawn the attention of the government in a less favorable way. "Spooks" (Feds and Army Intell) came to his business, arrested him, searched his files, and seized all work on embryonic holography, for whatever reasons they did not disclose, but we can only conjecture. Perhaps it had to do with implications of the theory such as physical regeneration of tissue, or the liquid crystal properties of body fluids. Or perhaps it had to do with his research in Allan Frey's work in the .3-3 gHz regions, which is a microwave input which allows the brain to directly receive voice transmissions. This discovery has recently resurfaced as synthetic telepathy. Miller and Webb were able to reconstitute the bulk of the Embryonic Holography paper from memory, but laid low with their findings for many years after this traumatic experience.


By this time, Miller was the Northwest Regional Director of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), the Washington D.C. based paranormal phenomena investigation team. He worked under the direction of Dr. Carl Schleicher. A large portion of the work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama was turned over to Miller, including original strip-charts, to duplicate his experiments in psychokinesis, one person's mind influencing the body of another, in the same and in remote locations.

Rick as well as many doctors at the University of Washington were wondering what was happening with "psychic surgery." Rick brought the problem to Dr. Motay, Dean of Pathology at the UW. This incident was recounted in The National Observer, March 30, 1974: "Richard Miller, director of Mankind Research Unlimited's Northwest Regional Office here says that a study by the University of Washington's Dept. of Pathology showed that one man, Warder Bacon, probably had his body entered by the psychic surgeons. 'An X-ray before he left for the Philippines shows that he had a great amount of cancerous tissue in his liver,' says Miller. 'He died about two months ago, and the liver showed no traces of cancerous tissues upon autopsy.' He says that not enough is known about the healers to make a positive or negative statement. It certainly warrants a definitive study, says Miller, who also is director of the Dept. of Parapsychology and Paraphysics at the Experimental College of the University of Washington."

To this end, Miller conducted experiments with Filippino psychic "surgeon" Tony Agpaoa. Perhaps the results are best described in his own words, at this time those of a "true believer," although subsequent research has disclosed the sleight-of-hand tricks of psychic surgery, as shown by debunkers on the Discovery Channel. The former article continued: "Psychic surgery is an emotional issue. There have been no authoritative studies of it. AMA statistics show, says Miller, that persons who have terminal cancer have a one-in-five recovery rate, even after the bad news is pronounced. The key will be to determine what percentage of persons who have been treated in the Philippines recover, says Miller, who adds that he is working to have a follow-up study started."


In 1974, Miller incorporated O.A.K. as the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge, also known to its inner group as the esoteric Order of Ascending Kundalini. OAK sponsored several projects of its own, and under its auspices director Miller taught Shamanism at Evergreen State College and Parapsychology at Edmonds Community College between 1974 and 1976. He also taught at the Experimental College at the University of Washington, several classes on parapsychology and the occult, publishing a regular column in The Daily.

Meanwhile, fellow OAK member Burt Webb inspired his colleagues to create a science fiction short-subject of a religion based on biofeedback, called EAT THE SUN. Burt plays the High Priest. The documentary-style film became a cult classic in the underground, revealing the evils of cult indoctrination long before many of the now-famous incidents. The film describes the Tapazia Ritual, an electronic trial by fire, wherein one's psyche and physiology are put into total synch through a videofeedback process conducted by the Church of Self Amplification, lead by Guru Telemahandi. But in the movie, something goes wrong to the film's creator, Jim Cox, and they "fry his brain."

The guru's philosophy was summed up in a few choice aphorisms, such as "Eat the Sun, and then you will be your own father," and "The ecology of the soul is to recycle one's consciousness," and the parting-shot, "If they're old enough to pee, they're old enough for me!" A curious phenomenon about this movie is that, even when told it is a spoof, most people come out believing this actually happened!

Experiments conducted under the Organization included those in biofeedback, in conjunction with Burt Webb and manufacturer J. & J. Enterprises, Inc. A group of 60 students at the University of Washington were monitored while engaging in Autonomic Training of various physical parameters, and they were trained in the induction of alpha brainwaves through hypnosis.

Around the same time, Miller attended the Claremont Conference with Walter Houston Clark, where he presented papers on Time Distortion and Electrophoresis.

In 1975, Miller produced and Webb directed Paracon I. The symposium at Seattle Center was attended by some 3000 people during the annual Bumpershoot Festival in Seattle. It was a day long conference on parapsychology. There were 5 different tracks covering body, mind, spirit, nature and science. Burt gave the keynote address in the evening which brought all the subjects together.

In 1976, inspired by the synergy of Rick and Iona's magickal pursuits, OAK sponsored the infamous Tiphareth Experiments, with participation by invitation only. These experiments became the basis of a later mystical compendium, The Holistic Qabala, (1981). These disciplines were drawn from traditional and eclectic sources and this Retirement Ritual was designed for the qabalistic invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, or one's Higher Self, facilitating creativity and the embodiment of self-actualization or self-realization. Regular practices included the Banishing Ritual, Middle Pillar Exercise, HGA Invocations, Tantric Lunar Resonance Meditation, (later published in Psychedelic Monographs & Essays) and Qabalistic Pathworking techniques for altering consciousness and stabilizing or integrating changes into a steady state.

Beginning in the late 70's, Rick and Iona collaborated on The Magickal and Ritual Use of Herbs (OAK, 1978; Destiny, 1983), [Burt created the comprehensive ethnographic, botanical and general indexes for this book], The Magickal and Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs (Destiny, 1985), The Magickal and Ritual Use of Perfumes (Destiny, 1990), and The Modern Alchemist (Phanes, 1994), with artist Joel Radcliffe.

OAK eventually became largely the publishing wing of Miller's endeavors and those of his wife, Iona. In 1981, still pursuing the elusive psychotronic goals of Eat the Sun, they published The Diamond Body: A Solid State Mandala. This modern alchemical view of the philosopher's stone linked the Synergetic geometries of Buckminster Fuller with those of Qabalah's famous glyph of the Tree of Life, and forecast the current fad for Merkabah Mysticism. A synopsis of this work is presented in Iona Miller's article "Buckminster Fuller and the Qabala."

Miller and Miller further pursued this interdisciplinary thread in the Diamond Body Trilogy, which includes Electro-Magick: Self-Realization through Yogatronics, Video-Graphics and Light-Loops, an advanced biofeedback technique implementing a mind/computer interface. The final volume, Yogatronics: Experiments in Perceptual Synergetics foresaw this application of synesthesia and Virtual Reality for inducing discrete states of consciousness. This led to Iona Miller's collaboration with Burt Webb on two papers in 1992, on Virtual Magick and Virtual Therapy.

From 1992 to 1998, Richard was the first instructor in Metaphysics on AOL's IES, and the archives of those classes are available and being codified. During this period he assembled an extensive, searchable Metaphysical Library of available works for FTP download from the Internet.

Rick and Iona had never written screenplays before, but Burt Webb had experience in screenwriting and in designing technological-looking sets for Star Trek movies. So when our literary agent requested we try a script, we were all game. PSI-OPS was a proposal and script treatment written at the request of our agent Bernard Shir-Cliff for his friends at FOX who wanted to produce a TV show around the Unknown. Rick, Iona, and Burt came up with a Mission Impossible-type team of researchers whose adventures would take them through the gamut of the paranormal. Our proposal came in second to a little show called the X-Files, but we've noticed it was followed shortly by Psi-Factor which certainly shares a lot in common with our original proposal. We guess great minds think alike?

In 1992, OAK published Iona's Anatomy of the Star Goddess: Quantum Cosmology, Virtual States, Energy Science, and Scalar Fields. Also in 1992 came Dreamhealing: Chaos and the Creative Consciousness Process with shaman/therapist Graywolf Swinney. In 1996, she published Lost In Translation: the UFO Phenomenon as an Informational Virus, a prescient description of the phenomenology of what are now known as memes.

In 1999, she co-authored SYNDEX I & II: A Synergetic Perspective on Number Dynamics with Bob Marshall, graphically demonstrating a solution to the prime number enigma and the 9/11 basewave in the number continuum. In 1999, Iona's alchemical article on drug-free experiential journeys "Chaos as the Universal Solvent" was published in Tom Lyttle's Psychedelics ReImagined (Autonomedia), which features a foreword by Tim Leary. During this period she also self-published Chaosophy '93: A Journal of Chaos, Consciousness, and Philosophy; Chaosophy 2000: CRP Monographs; and Chaosophy 2001: Neuropsychology and Quantum Metaphysics.

Though we have been divorced since 1994, we are still best of friends and our work continues. Now in 2001, Miller and Miller are investigating leading-edge Neuropsychology, Neuromagnetic Therapy, Brain Fingerprinting, and PGO Waves. We are still in the process of realizing our Qabalistic Pathworking game in VRML, a further illustration of our interest in altered states and synthetic realities. Our work and interest in the deep nature of Reality, Quantum Metaphysics, quantum cosmology, psi phenomena, altered states (including dreams and REM), natural psychedelia, neuropsychology, and consciousness studies continues unabated.

Burt Webb continues to be our friend. Notably he is the longtime science consultant to the Laura Lee Show. He runs his own computer business in Seattle, called Cybercon; and is now employed as vice president of a famous computer company in management and programming. He is often requested as a speaker at science fiction conventions, and most recently appeared on panels discussing a variety of science and technology issues.

Iona Miller (The Ionasphere: Collected Works and The Temple of Living Light at is a multimedia artist, web author and designer and continues working through the Asklepia Foundation ( and Chaosophy Journal on the relationship between experiential journeys, healing, creativity, illumination, dreams, consciousness and chaos theory with Dr. Stanley Krippner as mentor.

Richard pursues his career as the foremost international expert in the growing and marketing of botanicals, under his company Northwest Botanicals, ( In that regard, he appears in Who's Who in the West, and America. His current parapsychological interest is in exploring synthetic telepathy and writing a book on self-induction of ESP.

Rick and I have also had many adventures in the world of Magick, the Occult, and Mysticism with a wide variety of players in those fields, including our latest forays to Australia and Amsterdam as writers and speakers for Nexus Magazine that, as they say, boys and girls, is another story. Along the way we found a lot of Brains, Heart, and especially Nerve! And learned "There's no place like Home."

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!!!..."




Explorations at the Nexus of Human Spirit and
Future Science in the Micro- and Macrocosm

In physics, it is hard to reconcile the difference between the very big and the very small. The laws we have discovered that govern the human-scale and the cosmos appear quite different from the vagaries of the quantum level. Yet the quantum world is the subtle essence of the cosmos, and does not differ in any way from it. So at some level, the two are the same: "As Above; So Below."

Likewise, at the human scale often it is difficult to reconcile the great and small, the personal and the transpersonal, the particular or instinctual and the universal. The two meet in the human spirit. The characteristics of the cosmos are reflected in our inner lives. Physically we share the exact same essence as the Universe. There is a shift in perception toward holistic visions; newer models in science eliminated a basic conflict between science and religious belief.

Science used to claim we lived essentially as mechanical robots in a clockwork universe; religion maintained that man is ruled by more than matter alone. We are clearly not mechanical systems. In the spiritual view, mind-like or spirit-like factors make a difference in human behavior. New physics shows the dynamic entanglement of our conscious thoughts with the quantum representation of the physical world.

There is a hierarchy of observational levels of self, others, and world: subquantal, quantal, photonic, atomic, EM, chemical, cellular, organismic, consciousness, community, world, solar system, galaxy, universe, even multiverse. Everything, including ourselves, is deeply connected in one holy movement, reflected in the holographic concept of reality.

The dynamics of the very large and very small meet in the relationship of our bodies with the environment; local space-time. Spatial and temporal interconnections are revealed as fields within fields. The psychophysical expressions of consciousness are revealed in their holistic complexity, in our electromagnetic relationships at the planetary, temporal and universal level.

The nature of the very great and very small meet in the mind-body connection, where spirit meets matter. They are indissolubly welded in our core of light, passion, and voluptuousness; the eros of our soul and spirit. Together they form the immanent essence that has never been and can never be separated.

On the grand scale, they meet when we confront both the spiritual and scientific nature of the Cosmos, with its mind-bending Mysteries. We see them in cosmic riddles and quantum metaphysics. As humans we stand in awe before the vastness of the creation and call it divine. We sense that which undergirds and organizes the nature of human space-time experience as omnipresence.

These concepts and philosophical approach are the basis of the worldview presented here. Taken together they address some of the main issues in both the scientific and spiritual domains. State of the art science is contrasted and compared with ancient spiritual wisdom about living and being. Ancient wisdom is contemporized, and science becomes illuminative as in the days it was called natural philosophy.

Hopefully with a fresh insightful journey through these areas each reader will emerge with an expanded perspective of what it means to plumb both the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries of the self. For how can we know our selves if we don't have a contemporary grasp of the way the world works? Conversely, how can we know the Cosmos if we have failed to look within and understand and directly experience our own fundamental and spiritual nature?

Our place in the cosmos depends on the delicate interplay between the very big and the very small. Understanding that helps us comprehend how infinite pure potential becomes actualized as human consciousness, how through a single tangible wavefunction mind becomes matter. Waves of possibility are transduced into classical and macrocosmic forms.

Pardon us if we fail to come to any clear conclusions since the scientific models, cosmos, and ourselves are still works in process. It is for each of us to find a name for the power behind that process.


Electrons are either in phase and able to see and interact with each other, or out of phase and therefore effectively invisible and unable to exert force on one another. Unsynchronized particles appear as “quantum noise.” Other nearby parallel dimensions normally only interact with ours through quantum noise. However, consciousness appears to interact across these parallel dimensions.

Coherence between parallel realities can be thought of as hyperdimensional structure which crosses dimensions. It is nonphysical yet has physical manifestations. Higher dimensional structures can be designed which, by their shape and topology, are stable. Such forms may be a possible model for consciousness and the soul. The hypercube is one such hyperdimensional structure that has a long mystical tradition (Merkabah; Cube of Space, Star Tetrahedron).

The key is to understand what makes up these higher dimensional geometrical structures. The answer is phase variation in spacetime. Normal space is “in phase” from point to point at this deep level, but it experiences small departures from the common resonant phase of all particles. These departures can become systematic. When mapped in spacetime they can form three-dimensional and higher dimensional geometric structures. These “phase structures” can cross several parallel universes, and become the physical basis for “subtle energy” and paranormal phenomena.

Electromagnetic waves are a collection of synchronized photons of different frequency and amplitude. Radiation is constantly pouring in and flowing out, balancing on average. The electron goes forward and backward in a seemingly random pattern in space and time, in order to balance all the radiation coming in and flowing out.

This balanced radiation pattern is analogous to the interference pattern of a hologram. A 3-D pattern of energy created by regions of interference is what we see as an image. There is creative and destructive interference. An electron and every particle is a “hologram,” produced as the result of the actions of the electron to preserve the balance of energy (Miller et al, 1973).

To be more than ethereal like a technologically produced hologram, it must have mass created by including the photons traveling backwards in time from the future. This is a 4-Dimensional hologram, which is an integral aspect of every particle and real physical object.

Biophoton Emission

If we want to manipulate the particle, electron or whatever, all we need to do is manipulate its 4-D hologram. The brain is a holographic structure which makes an ideal antenna for receiving holographic wave patterns. The brain processes information holographically. This supports the idea that the brain may be a sender and receiver of holographic signals.

Bose particles are photons which like to be in the same state; they become entangled or entrained, sharing a frequency. The body creates coherent light. In the cell structure of the body there are membranes which act as conductors of microwave, infrared and visible light. These structures store coherent photons [biophotons] which play a fundamental role in life processes.

Our bodies use light and coherent vibrations to carry out many life processes. The stored coherent photons can be shaped and controlled to affect external photons and external vibrational patterns. The Bose principle extends the idea of entrainment to our own hyperdimensional being. Because of Bose statistics, these patterns or structures of energy simulate other “mirror” structures in the distant matter.

Brainwaves show that the brain becomes more synchronized and coherent in mediation. Based on our 4-D holographic model, the mind has enormous power to affect reality. 4-D type holographic signals are primary communications, “in-formation”.

The DNA in our cells can naturally produce coherent waves, which contain both forward-time traveling waves and matching backward-time traveling waves in phase conjugation. They generate coupled photons which radiate out along the axis of the double helix in both directions [biophoton emission].

What is DNA; where did it come from; how does it function to create life, to create us?
We have some of the biochemical answers, but we can look deeper into biophysics for our models. We propose that DNA functions in a way that correlates with holographic projection.

DNA projects a blueprint for the organism that is translated from the electrodynamic to the molecular level. Further, research strongly suggests DNA functions as a biocomputer. This DNA-wave biocomputer reads and writes genetic code and forms holographic pre-images of biostructures. We are more fundamentally electromagnetic, rather than chemical beings.

Each cell is a tiny radio transmitter capable of sending phase conjugate waves into the past and into the future. The real power of DNA and the use of phase-conjugate waves is just a matching pattern of advanced and retarded waves transmitted in phase by billions of cells. The strength of the pattern increases as the square of the number of cells acting in unison. A millon cells transmitting a desired visualization in unison will have a thousand billion times more power than a single cell.

A million DNA cells broadcasting at random just produces noise. All the signals cancel out. But a million DNA cells broadcasting coherently and in unison generates a paranormal power, such as that exhibited by adepts with mindbody control.

DNA molecules of each cell can be brought into coherence by emitted light and sound (Gariaev). This enables the brain, when quiet and coherent, to combine together the signals of many DNA molecules so the desired image or visualization can be brought into being. At the core of this model is synchronous interaction of particles across great distances and time, which may explain many paranormal effects as changes in quantum noise. This model offers a way to understand consciousness, which is much more than the physical body.


Hypothesis: human microvibrations are transduced from, analogous to and/or resonantly entrained to micropulsations in the common plasma medium. Bioelectronic processes may be treated as a plasma state within the solid state of organic compounds. Biophysicist Popp showed that cellular condition is related to electromagnetic emissions. Significantly, low-frequency biological rhythms display correlations with the geophysical environment.

Rohracher (1950s) of Vienna described the phenomenon of microvibrations, oscillations in the frequency range of 7 to 13 Hz that can be observed on the surface of the body during complete muscle relaxation. Microvibrations are cardioballistic or heart-driven phenomena likely related to the cranial pump and electrical activity of the hippocampus at 7.8 Hz. Low frequency oscillations in the Earth’s magnetosphere are called magnetic micropulsation (ULF waves). 7.83 Hz is Schumann’s Resonance (SR); Earth’s electromagnetic heartbeat is 10 Hz. Alpha brainwaves are 7 - 12 Hz. Healers and meditators exhibit nearly identical EEG signatures during their healing moments: a 7.8-8 Hz brainwave activity, which lasts from one to several seconds and is phase and frequency-synchronized with the earth's geoelectric micropulsations.

"Some researchers have measured electromagnetic (EM) signals emanating from the hands of healers which are within the same frequency range as human brain waves. There are some indications that a correlation exists between atmospheric oscillations, brain waves, and biological EM emissions." ~ Dr. Leanne Roffey Line

The heart is our own pulsing center as the sun is that of the solar system. In THE HEART'S CODE, Paul Pearsall, PhD (1998) points out that simple physics tells us that energy and information leave the body and go out into space. It reaches our loved ones and our pets and plants, it extends to the sky, and, yes, logically, the electromagnetic field expands into the vacuum of space at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. Though the signal strength will obviously be very tiny, each second after our heart beats our individual heart’s code has expanded and travelled 186,000 miles into space, through space forever(p. xi-xii). In this sense, perhaps we are immortal. However, waves from space also impinge upon us.

As Above, So Below
EM waves are our primary means of knowing and viewing the universe. We are integral products of our environment, an embedded lattice of pulsating, vibrating energy. What happens in the solar system, our electromagnetic environment, and at our cellular level are all intimately related. The classic Hermetic axiom, As Above; So below reiterates the nonlinear fractal unfoldment of self-similar organization at different scales of magnitude, from cosmic to subatomic.

This metaphysical notion suggests analogies or intuitive correlations of macroscopic, meso-, and microscopic processes or dynamics. With that in mind, we can examine the micropulsations of the earth and its atmosphere as well as our own neuromusculature, including the reciprocal relationship of the brain and heart muscle.

Resonance occurs when the natural vibrational frequency of a body is amplified by vibrations (essentially shock waves) at the same frequency from another body. The earth and our human organism are in such a resonate relationship. Standing waves that resonate at SR frequencies can form in the heart and drive other resonate systems in the body.

The bifurcation of the aorta forms a resonate cavity oscillator where pressure pulses coincide in phase (Bentov). Echo and pulse leave the heart together and continue in synchrony. Amplitude increases to 3 times normal as the body moves up and down 7 times a second. When it approaches 7 Hz, a progressively amplified standing wave form is created, resonating as large oscillations that entrain body circuits. This drives the pulsation of our piezoelectric brain against the skull creating standing waves in the ventricles.

Earth's magnetosphere is a spherical magnet. Like the brain, the plasma of Earth's magnetosphere can be viewed as a stiff jelly that conveys subtle vibrations to all bodies within it. Our biofield couples to the isoelectric field of the planet. 7.83 range is the SR frequency compared with the micromotion of the body at 6.8 to 13 Hz. EM fields are the connecting links between the world of resonant patterns and form, a feedback pulse of information. SR actually exerts a slight pressure on the surface of the planet and its inhabitants.

Low frequency oscillations in the Earth's magnetosphere are called magnetic micropulsation (ULF waves). There is a subtle yet pulsating disturbing force. This field and Earth's magnetic plasma are fused. Two pulses appearing to propagate away from their origin are called Alven waves. Alven waves are only one wave mode that can propagate in a plasma. In magnetized plasma the two waves are coupled to the sound wave by the frozen in field. These waves are fast, intermediate, or slow with the slowest is closest to being a pure sound wave.

Many of the waves on Earth's surface originate beyond the magnetosphere. Solar wind, space weather, pressure waves, foreshock, bow shock and magnetopause create ULF waves that pass through the magnetopause and propagate through the magnetosphere. Internally they interact with wave guides, cavities and field lines creating observable pulsations. Close to the ion foreshock ions in the field align and produce small amplitude 1 Hz waves, as recorded by Lonetree (2004) at .9 Hz and 1.82 Hz. 1.855 Hz also has been cited by scalar physics researcher Hodowanec (1999) as the prime cosmic resonant frequency, also noted by Schumann.

The magnetosphere itself functions as a resonant cavity and wave guide for waves that propagate through the system. These cavities resonate at discrete frequencies many of which have biological effects. The relation of magnetospheric micropulsations (Alven waves and SR) appears correlated with diurnal, circadian and other psychophysical rhythms in the human organism, in particular microvibrations.

Earth's Magnetosphere

This leads to the hypothesis: human microvibrations are transduced from, analogous to and resonantly linked or entrained to micropulsations. Alven waves oscillate at the low end of the Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz) brain wave frequency spectrum (deep dreamless sleep). In Delta the body is at rest and more susceptible to the subtle rhythm of the heart as a driver of psychophysical processes. It is well known that the brain can be driven by acoustic signals, sound and light, through the frequency-following response (Monroe). Even our DNA responds directly to biological coherent light and sound (Gariaev, 1993; Miller, Miller, Webb, 2002).

A strong 0.1 Hz signal traveling from the heart to the brain via the baroreceptor link might frequency-pull the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the ANS into this frequency range and also frequency-pull the respiratory system into the same range. It is not clear where this 0.1 Hz baroreceptor signal originates but this may be the source that pumps the initiating 0.1 Hz signal into the baroreceptor channel heading for the brainstem.

The heart drives the cranial pump, creating microvibrations. Biotherapist, Leanne Roffey says, "As to where they [microvibrations] originate, I'm pretty sure that would have to be in the "cranial pump" in our craniosacral systems. That is a hydraulic pump that can be thought of as magnetohydrodynamic. Connective tissue is very much piezoelectric, so signal is produced. Everything drives off the Cranial rhythm and there are quite a few factors, respiration included, hormones, blood flow, even perfusion, that go towards making up that sum."

In between the cranial parts are situated the so-called cranial sutures. The cranial sutures are composed of an elastic substance connecting the various cranial parts. The cranial parts are continuously opening and closing, functioning as a pump system. This pump system takes care of the circulation of brain fluid that is located underneath the skull. The pressure caused by the pumping movement has an overall effect, reaching the tail-bone (the sacral part), and all the bones in the body. Thus, it is implicated in microvibration.

Rohracher in Vienna described the phenomenon of microvibrations in the 1950s. Microvibrations consist of oscillations in the frequency range of 7 to 13 Hz, which can be observed on the surface of the body during complete muscle relaxation. Not surprisingly, when astronauts began going into space, the absence of Earth rhythms sent their bodies out of kilter. Therefore, all missions include a generator that simulates SR frequencies for health.

Physiological coherence encompasses entrainment, resonance, and synchronization, which are all distinct but related physiological phenomena associated with more ordered and harmonious interactions among the body's systems.

From an energy medicine perspective, the heart is the most powerful electromagnetic organ serving important regulatory functions. An ongoing dialogue takes place between heart and brain. The heart’s EM field extends 12 to15 feet beyond the body, 50 times more powerful than the brain’s EEG signals.

The heart is our most powerful organ.
The heart responds directly to the environment.
The heart is the conductor of the energy of the body’s cells.
The heart is a dynamic system.
The heart is the body’s primary organizing force.
The heart resonates with information-containing energy.
The heart is the body system’s core.
The heart speaks and sends information.
All hearts exchange information with all other hearts and brains. (Pearsall)

Every cell in the body is linked by electromagnetic contact with the toroidal-shaped magnetic field of the heart, mirroring the relationship of Earth with its organisms. Heart rate mediates stress response and balance of the relaxation response. The connective tissue matrix, with it semiconducting and liquid crystal holographic structure, resonates with these field changes.

Cells are fractals embedded in a holographic energetic matrix that extends beyond the skin boundary. The body is an energetic event, a self-organizing electromagnetically unified matrix. The living matrix continuum or tissue tensegrity matrix reaches inside each and every cell, all systematically interconnected parts of the body, even more so than the nervous system.

Contrary to prevailing neuron doctrine, the glial substrate and other perineural structures of the central nervous system, through their sensitivity to extremely low levels of electric currents and magnetic fields, may directly control brain functions. The neuronal brain is not only supported by, but modulated by, the glial brain. (Becker)

Electromagnetism has effects on the "integration of brain function" in consciousness. Becker hypothesizes that DC and low-frequency extraneuronal electric currents generated in, or transmitted by, the glial components of the brain and may be the basis of perceptual awareness.”

Fear and Trembling

Frohlich (1988) found that our bodies' primordial high-speed networks vibrate continuously at light frequencies, because of huge electrical potentials and the high degree of molecular order or crystallinity in our tissues. This living matrix is a mechanical, vibrational, energetic, photonic, and informational network. Communication breakdown can lead to systems failures in microcircuitry and regulative processes.

A simple model can demonstrate that microvibrations are due to mechanical resonance. The oscillations are apparently elicited by the heartbeat. Therefore it appears that microvibrations are cardioballistic phenomena. This force is transmitted through the bones to soft tissues such as relaxed muscles. Local resonance finally leads to the oscillations.

Resonance is an important mechanism in energy healing, whether with electronic devices or energy therapists. Molecules are resonant antennas, emitting characteristic signals and responding to tiny signals of the appropriate frequencies. Once the appropriate frequency and amplitude are discovered, virtually any physiological process can be influenced with a tiny signal.

Human tremor is concentrated in the 3 - 20 Hz spectrum. Though some researchers report a spread of 6-12 Hz, Comby et al (1992) report the peak frequency of human tremor between 5.85 and 8.80 Hz, which averaged coincides closely with Schumann Resonance (7.83).

Microvibrations correspond closely with adaptation to levels of stimulation and psychological states, particularly states of ergotropic (sympathetic) and trophotrophic (parasympathetic) arousal. Tremor increases with stress and anxiety yet this very mechanism may be the key means of restoring equilibrium. Tremor at rest is the minimal tremor, which remains in the absence of voluntary muscular activity.

Human tremor can be measured with an instrument that connects a piezoelectric (pressure electricity) accelerometer with an electronic circuit to display the results. This signal is analyzed and converted via computer from analog to digital signal. Standardization of a tremor scale and the piezoelectric ceramic has made fabrication of an inexpensive yet satisfactory system possible for home use. Tremor can be measured from a standard measuring position and scale (Comby, 1992) and correlated with SR fluctuations. Appropriate psychophysical drivers and feedback systems can be employed to encourage resonance or entrainment for health or personal growth.

Tremor at rest can be separated from kinetic tremor, which is of much higher amplitude and has the same frequency range. The problem is partially solved by adopting a standard position, which includes "standing still" in the instructions given to the subject. However, some kinetic tremor still remains which is of much higher amplitude than tremor at rest. The best way to ensure that only tremor at rest is measured is to take into consideration only the lowest amplitude reached during the time of measurement.

Physiological tremor increases in states of anxiety or during emotional stress during which there is an increase in release of catecholamines from the adrenal medulla. Psychological stress increases tremor amplitude. Mental stress induces tremor even in healthy subjects. Panic attacks generate tremor from anxiety and psychophysical changes. Tremor can be experimentally produced in human subjects by stress-hormones such as adrenaline, coffee, tea or nicotine.

Comby's results confirm a correlation between the impact on tremor of a relaxation session and the correlation between measured tremor and self-evaluated stress. His research links psychological stress (subjective "stress" or "nervousness") and tremor (objectively quantified).

Plasmas and Bioplasma

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (liquid, gaseous, solid). Living organisms are plasmas. Plasma physics has merged with biology; life is a highly energetic system, not just chemical processes. The optimal adaptation to receive any kind of information and relay it instantaneously to the entire mass of the system is found in plasma.

Plasma is a source of all types of waves, which feed back on the plasma and display mutual correlation. The manifestations of life may be ultimately summarized in terms of plasma and radiation. The secret of life lies in process control through small energy and with minimal noise. Plasma can be controlled only through fields, in particular magnetic fields.

The plasma approach to life points out that life is electric, however, its control takes place magnetically. Plasma is revealed by the emission of an electromagnetic field and is obedient only to this field, even a very weak one. The electronic processes of metabolism may be treated as a plasma state within the solid state of organic compounds.

Significantly, low-frequency biological rhythms display relations with the geophysical environment. The alpha rhythm of the human brain has a frequency of about 10 Hz, which is the same as the frequency of magnetohydrodynamic oscillations of the ionosphere, and of the vibrations of the Earth's crust. Magnetohydrodynamics is based on magnetic transmission over a plasma carrier. Sedlak proposes that magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma.

The same frequency is found in the continuous vibrations of the entire organism's skeletal muscles in warm-blooded animals. For a human adult this frequency is 7 - 13 Hz, falling in the range of 8 - 12 Hz in 80% of subjects. The coincidence with the cerebral alpha waves lacks an explanation to date. The rhythm may be transmitted by waves through the organism as biological microvibrations.

Plasma unites in itself the phenomena of electrodynamics, electronics, and hydrodynamics, even in the absence of a fluid medium. One of the manifestations of this situation is magnetohydroydnamic waves (MHD). The wave propagation of magnetic field fluctuations in plasma is analogous to ripples in a fluid medium, accompanied by real transport of magnetic energy.

Therefore, a biological system possesses its own magnetic information, highly sensitive to external field variations and unusually responsive to spin variations in organic structure.

Magnetohydrodynamic waves and weak radiation are typical electromagnetic effects of plasma.
Plasma -- the fundamental background for the processes of life -- is maintained in a constantly agitated state of generation and decay. This magnetohydrodynamic controlled state is correlated with metabolic process, such as anabolism-catabolism and oxidation. It is notably related to physiological currents and weakly luminescent effects (biophotons; bioluminescence).

What is formed is a complex signaling system -- involving electric, magnetic, optical and acoustic effects. This signaling system must operate not only on the level of single macromolecules like DNA, but also on that of groups of molecules, such as cells, tissues, organs and the organism, and above all on the level of the metabolism, as an ensemble of chemical processes.

Magnetic mechanisms control the plasma medium that has features of a conducting liquid. Here hydrodynamics combines with electrodynamics, yielding magnetohydrodynamic vibrations. The common factor of the entire system, namely the averaged-out electronic state of the metabolism, is likely a carrier and receptor of those controls. In more biological terms -- the entire metabolism is the fundamental control within a living system.

Living organisms respond to low-frequency fields. Because the separation of an electro-magnetic field into electric and magnetic vectors is an involved problem, the effects are usually attributed to the electric vector. The sensitivity of living systems to fluctuations of weak magnetic fields of planetary origin indicates that magnetic effects play an even more fundamental role.

A biological system displays not only an electronic "life" of its own, typical of protein semiconductors, but also a specific magnetic "life" endowed with a characteristic rhythm. Plasma repels magnetic field lines (or is itself repelled by them), or "freezes" field lines within itself.

Sedlak (1993) discusses how a living organism is both an information detector and generator and a transformer of electromagnetic energy. Biological systems generate their own magnetic mediums or plasma fields. A plasma responds to magnetic and electric fields, acoustic waves, mechanical action, gravitational fields, and temperature; in addition to depending on chemical composition. Plasma is the ideal carrier system of information within living organisms because it alters its own state with exceptional selectivity and responsiveness.

Bistolfi (1991) characterizes the borderline electronic-chemical reactions found in living tissue as a function of resonance. He offers a biophysical explanation for the acute sensitivity of living systems to electromagnetic influences in bioelectronic terms based on small and large groups of hydrogen bonds within molecular structures such as DNA and other nucleic acids.

Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction. The keys to our physiology are also the keys to consciousness. Phenomena now considered esoteric may someday be explained in terms of bioelectronic interactions of energy and matter. What has been the realm of metaphysical healing may become a precise EM healing science. (Roffey)

Understanding the nature of this correlation may enable us to characterize and further utilize various types of "healing energies". The paradigm for the application of these energies may develop into a basis for a variety of existing complementary medical practices. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric. The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of "bioplasma". Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control. The EM fields emitted by trained healers may be considered as coherent, resonant biomagnetic emissions by which a less coherent EM field of the patient is "tuned" to the specific frequency and phase, and through which homeostasis can be "aligned" to induce "healing".“ (Roffey)

Bioresonance: Resonant Frequency Therapies
Interactions between electromagnetic fields and living matter are pursued on three levels:

· Prevention: the way electromagnetic fields influence the development of illnesses.

· Diagnosis: the way endogenous bio-electric signals and weak electrical and magnetic fields of bio-molecules correlate with the state of health.

· Treatment: the way biological structures and functions can be modulated by means of electromagnetic fields.

Stanford cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton characterizes the environment as awash in signals. Specific frequencies are informational signals. While the environment is in a sense "chaotic," with hundreds and thousands of simultaneously-expressed "signals," the cell can selectively read only those signals that are relevant to its existence.

Physiology reveals that most of the body's natural chemicals are released by an electrical signal or an electrochemical reaction. Can these same chemicals be released by applying an external electrical signal? Can different EM parameters stimulate different chemical systems?

Simply stated, can externally applied bioelectromagnetic fields influence cell and organismal behavior and expression? The answer is a clear, resounding, and unequivocal, YES! Through event-related synchronization and desynchronization.

Electromagnetic energy fields, which include energies in the ranges of microwaves, radio-frequencies, the visible light spectrum, ELF and even acoustic frequencies, have been shown to profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate: cell division; gene regulation; DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; protein conformation and function; morphogenesis; bone growth, regeneration; and nerve conduction and growth.

As evidence has mounted that bioeffects of EM fields that are not only dwarfed by much larger intrinsic bioelectric processes, but may also be substantially below the level of tissue thermal noise. Theoretical and experimental studies now seek the first transductive steps. Answers to that important question are currently sought in EM field interactions with free radicals that have a role at electric power frequencies and at the other extreme in the EM spectrum in bioeffects of millimeter waves. (Adey)

If electromagnetic fields can affect enzymes and cells, there is no reason of principle why one should not expect to be able to tailor a waveform as a therapeutic agent in much the same way as one now modulates chemical structures to obtain pharmacological selectivity. The high specificity of electromagnetic signals may result in the "direct targeting" of activity, without many of the side-effects common to pharmaceutical substances.

Integrative Biophysics

We are primarily energetic and informational beings with field dependent chemical reactions. Typically, the treatment of biological effects of EM fields is restricted to ionizing radiation and membrane potentials. But Integrative Biophysics is more than a molecular-genetic approach to biology. It focuses on our intrinsic systemic holism, an inseparable whole with the environment, interconnection within and without the organism.

Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, a well-known biophysicist at Kaiserslautern University, Germany, states that:"All living organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This electromagnetic emission is called biophotons."

Biophotonics is a rapidly increasing field of current scientific research and applications, based on the discovery of biophotons, a permanent, weak photon current emanating from all living systems. The biophoton emission reflects some, if not all, of the essential biological and physiological activities in biological systems. Energy and information can move about the body through other means than nerve transmission and hormonal regulation via quantum coherence.

Biophotonics provides a powerful tool for investigating these electromagnetic interactions. The theoretical approach requires holistic models of living systems, rather than local analytical models. Consequently, these new insights into living matter create a new basis of "integrative biophysics" that is concerned with the questions of EM regulation, communication and organization of biological systems.


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This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.
This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.