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Iona Miller
Trandisciplinarian Iona Miller is a consultant, writer, hypnotherapist and multimedia artist doing groundbreaking work on the relationship of chaos theory and emergent paradigm shift in experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, medicine, creativity, science-art, qabalah, occulture, metaphysics, and society.

My interest in biophysics began with metaphysical and Jungian studies; I became fascinated with the interface of psyche and matter - where nothing becomes something, and the imaginal becomes embodied. I'm interested in how emergent states of matter relate to health and psychobiological healing. The body is a reciprocal mechanism in that everything affecting us emotionally also has physical impact and our physical ailments affect us emotionally.

Jung said, "The Gods have become diseases", meaning our ailments carry a deeper metaphorical, even spiritual Truth. Sometimes the body heals but not the soul or spirit; sometimes the spirit finds peace and soul finds meaning when the body can't mend. I have clinically researched the roles of empathy, intentionality, compassion, medical intuition, and positive expectations in healing for decades - the rapport of the healing relationship. Healing relationships are as important as medicine. We might call this synergetic effect, meta-syn. Healing rituals create a multidimensional focus of attention.

Those interests continue in research with my favorite EX-File, Rick Miller and Burt Webb, who co-authored "The Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography" (see my Chaosophy Journal sites) published by Dr. Stanley Krippner in the early 70s. See my Quantum Bioholography article at JNLRMI


Rick also did work on Kirlian Photography, Liquid Crystals, and Bioluminesence then. This lead to our further work in "Yogatronics" and "Electromagic" and other mindbody therapies based on EM manipulation and subtle field effects. Our work continues at Emergent Mind and also includes Quantum Bioholography and Distance Healing.

For that story, see
http://www.geocities.com/iona_m/parapsychology.html or PHOTO 4 page here on PARAPHYSICS

My interests and associations in the field of biophysics span from being a member of the editorial board and writer for JNLRMI at www.emergentmind.org to popular writing for Nexus magazine www.nexusmagazine.com

As a researcher and therapist, I am always anxious to see quality applications of the latest findings, since some aspects of EM can be used negatively for mind control and psychophysical manipulation. Applying appropriate frequencies and amplitudes to the body can influence it with tiny signals. Fields spread through the body and into the space around the body.

The mindbody is electronic. Living systems are very sensitive to tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and at a distance. They allow the cells of the body to work together instantaneously and symphonically.

Our hearts are powerful electromagnetic organs whose influence extends far beyond our skin boundaries through field effects and nonlocal intentionality, emotions and thoughts. Also, each cell of the body has a 'mind' of its own, connected holistically through the living matrix, a communication system within the body.

The living matrix is as or more powerful than the nervous system, because it extends into each and every cell. It is another kind of consciousness. The body has a cellular memory which embodies our traumas and triumphs. Integrative medicine approaches this mind/body system with a holistic treatment philosophy toward the body's operating system.

Mythopoetically, SOMA SOPHIA (pictured right) is not only a Body of Wisdom, but the innate wisdom of our body for self-organization and assembly, and healing. Felt-sense is a primal form of perception, cueing us on the safety or danger of situations or people to our fundamental well-being. She is the panacea, the heal-all for our psychosomatic complaints.

Story Behind My Biophysics Portal


Integrating Biophysics and Energy Medicine
By Iona Miller, 2005

We are waves whose stillness is non-being
We are alive because of this, that we have no rest.
Abu-Talib Kalim


Biosystems are conscious holograms. Each of us is a nested hierarchy of field bodies - wavefronts in space. Modulations of Sound and Light waves at various scales are fundamental in the creation of our integral 3-D forms. There is a relationship between resonance and cymatics (optical and acoustic holography), eidetic imagery, and the living tissue matrix with its liquid crystal semi-conductors. Holography is an advanced application of cymatics, the conversion of energy from the invisible electromagnetic domain to physical form.

Szent-Gyorgi (1957) used the term bioenergetics to refer to energy not confined within biomolecules but emitted or absorbed directly by tissue. In 1941 Szent-Gyorgi proposed that electrons can propagate through crystalline structures both within and between molecules, comprising semiconducting currents, entirely separate from the movement of ions, previously assumed to be the only possible basis for bioelectricity. He suggested that water, the most common substance of the body, can serve as a liquid crystal through which semiconducting currents can flow. (Choquette, JNLRMI)

Microtubules as LIQUID CRYSTALS

Self-organizing filaments, or microtubules (cytoskeletal polymer) have liquid crystal properties. Liquid crystals are a phase of matter whose order is intermediate between that of a liquid and that of a crystal. Semiconducting currents can flow through liquid crystals. Microtubules are nanostructures which are the sentinels of the cell wall and motors of cell division. They generate force and motility. The assembly and disassembly of microtubules generates pushing and pulling.

Cellular factors tightly regulate the architecture of bundles of filamentous cytoskeletal proteins. They self-assemble in distinct morphologies and physical properties - vortices, hexagonal cylinders, necklaces. However, it is unknown what principles determine how macromolecular interactions lead to assemblies with defined morphologies. (Needleman, et al, 2005)

Determination of cellular form by microfilaments is directly related to cellular functioning. Furthermore, Ingber (1998) states that "tensegrity structures function as coupled harmonic oscillators" which can provide a basis for nonlocal resonant interactions among cellular structures or entire cells.

Microtubules are essential for a variety of cellular processes including cell division, intracellular organization and transport, and cell swimming. The mechanics of the cytoskeleton within cells is STRONGLY influenced by the mechanics of the matrix outside cells. Adhesions mechanically link the cytoskeleton to the matrix so that contractions within the cell will exert their pull on matrix outside the cell. If the matrix is rigid, contractions are resisted and adhesions and cytoskeleton build up (like muscle building). If the matrix is soft, adhesions and cytoskeleton are more dynamic and minimally structured. (Discher, 2005)

Defects in microtubule-dependent processes are correlated with a number of human health problems, including cancer, birth defects, neurodegenerative diseases, and sterility. Further, microtubules are common targets for naturally-occurring toxins and synthetic chemotherapy reagents.

The function of microtubules is dependent on the dynamic assembly/disassembly of the polymer, as well as the ability of other proteins, known as microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), to interact with microtubules. MAPs can be separated into two classes, those that regulate microtubule assembly dynamics and those that act as motors to move cellular contents along microtubule "roadways". (Walker). In other experiments optical responses of liquid crystals to underwater acoustic signals have been reported. This could relate to prenatal life.

Molecular cargo travels along microtubule highways. Without their liquid crystal structures, called phospholipids, living cells couldn't exist. This cell wall, not the nucleus, is actually the brain of the cell. Arguably, wave functions within microtubules function as the correlate of consciousness. A fundamental role for the cytoskeleton as a memory mechanism has been theorized.

Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose suggest structured water is involved in consciousness at the cellular level. In "Orchestrated Objective Reduction of Quantum Coherence in Brain Microtubules: The "Orch OR" Model for Consciousness " they write: "Large scale quantum coherence occurring among tubulins (e.g. via electrons in hydrophobic pockets arrayed in the microtubule lattice, or ordered water within hollow MT cores) could take on aspects of a quantum computer in pre-conscious and sub-conscious modes."

Hameroff, Dayhoff, Lahoz-Beltra, Rasmussen, Insinna and Koruga (1993) argued that the cytoskeleton provides a solid state network throughout cortical neurons. Furthermore, there is a correlation between production of proteins within microtubules and cognitive functioning. Inhibition of protein production caused cognitive deficits.

Pribram (1991) further proposed that the perceptual image is represented as a neural hologram, created by nonlocal resonance among the spines covering the neural dendrites. Sensory stimuli induce resonance among dendritic microprocesses yielding physical changes in dendritic structures analogous to light striking the film in an optical hologram. The totality of these resonances are called the holoscape, providing the basis of both the perceptual and memory image.

Living organisms have learned to control the liquid crystal properties of their cells precisely, so that the critical pure liquid temperature is always just above the temperature of their environment. This helps the cell walls stay not only strong enough to protect the contents, but also stay permeable enough for the ongoing processes of life.

Ordinary, healthy cells have arrangements of so-called microtubules around them, (see PHOTO PAGE for microtubule pics, this Portal). Like the regular pattern of molecules in a liquid crystal, this seems to provide a relatively rigid structure that appears to control the movement and permeability of cells.

The liquid crystal semiconductor matrix of the human body provides a basis for understanding how energy medicine works through the structural matrix of the cell (fascia), the electrical properties of connective tissue.

Liquid crystals can be classified into 5 phases; Liquid, Nematic, Smetic, Columnar and Crystalline according to their position order and orientational order. Microtubules exhibit all phases. Any movement of our bodies will generate an electrical signal that is carried to literally every cell we have. As a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels, the membrane is an information processing transistor, an organic computer chip. Bruce Lipton describes the "consciousness" of protein gates in the cell membrane at http://www.brucelipton.com/cellular.php Insight into Cellular Consciousness.

CYMATICS: Acoustic and Optical Holography

Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena and vibrations. The holographic frequency domain is one such wave phenomena, a universal one. The quantum wave function is another. A number of waves crossing each other at right angles look like a woven pattern. The wave nature of light and sound make holography possible.

Acoustic holography creates three-dimensional images of a sound field in space and time from three-dimensional sources. Our DNA does much the same in reverse using Fourier acoustics when it projects the geometric template of our form as a soundfield. Ultrasonics has shown that 2-D recodings of soundwaves can be used to generate or recreate 3-D forms.

DNA uses this process to create and embody our boudaries. It carries the source geometry or constant coordinates. Thus, embodiment means a translation from the holographic frequency domain to the wavenumber domain.

Reconstructing acoustic quantities at low (or microwave) frequencies is usually much easier than that at high frequencies. The double-helix is a crossed linear array. The phased array of DNA creates virtual holograms as templates for pulse holography which creates genuine 3-dimensionality.

A similar process may occur in natural healing when so-called junk DNA turns on and deploys as gene-expression. There is evidence that immediate-early genes (IEGs) function as mediators of information transduction between psychological experience, behavioral states, and gene expression. (Rossi)

A wide range of behavioral state-related gene expression (from relaxation, hynosis and sleep to high arousal, performance, stress and trauma) culminate in the production of new proteins or homeostasis, physical and psychosocial adaptation. Behavioral states modulate certain patterns of gene expression. Interaction between the genetic and behavioral levels is a two way street. Genes and behavior are related in cybernetic loops of mind-body communication.

Just like aiming sound oscillations at a drumhead creates geometric patterns, certain patterns get fixed in our bodies and finer structure. They influence our ability to survive, feel safe, socialize, and thrive.


Eidetic imagery is like photographic memory, an accessible multisensory copy of an original sensory experience. People capable of eidetic memory can recall vivid images in the mind's eye, and examine these images like a photograph.

Eidetic Imagery also allows recall of complex images formed by inner experience and memory (Ahsen). Eidetic Imagery helps us re-experience life events with all of their basic elements intact. The primary image, which has external and internal components, helps us process what happens to us, attribute a narrative and meaning to the imagery, and store it in long-term memory that way for future access. How we choose to remember and interpret our experiences characterizes how we recall them. The multisensory image is a fundamental anchor for a symphony of psychophysical processes, since most people are primarily visual.

Eidetic imagery is accurate and vivid. It often is perceived as happenING, rather than as a past event. Eidetic imagery relates to memory and trauma and is part of the toxic cycle in PTSD, for example. It becomes EMBODIED in our whole organism. The eidetic image is a direct link to brain modulating chemicals influencing emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Powerful imagery replays automatically like a movie strip of film and can retraumatize us. Brain ventricles filled with fluids, the "Great Lakes" of the psyche, may act as holographic 'projection screens' for eidetic imagery.

Clinical interventions can be done in any part of the cycle to interrupt the mindbody loop, but to heal the body stress must be released from the whole organism so it can reintegrate disturbed functions.

We contend we can also create vivid imagery capable of influencing others at a distance. Likewise sound and resonance phenomena can effect healing at a greater or lesser distance. Visual information can be encoded or decoded as or from sound. The body is an embedded series of crystal oscillators - vibrations, oscillations, pulses, wave motions, pendulum motions, rhythmic courses of events, serial sequences, and their effects and actions.

The fundamental and generative power is in the vibration which, with its periodicity, sustains phenomena with its two poles. One pole is form, the figurative pattern. The other is motion, the dynamic process.

These three fields - vibration and periodicity as the ground field, and form and motion as the two poles - constitute an indivisible whole. There is a similarity between cymatic pictures and quantum particles. In both cases that which appears to be a solid form is also a wave. They are both created and simultaneously organized by the principle of PULSE.

In an attempt to explain the unity in this dualism between wave and form, physics developed the quantum field theory, in which the quantum field, or the vibration, is understood as the one true reality. The particle or form, and the wave or motion, are only two polar manifestations of the one reality, vibration.


Our focus in the study and practice of energy medicine should center around how to restore biological coherence to the system so that the living matrix can function fully, bringing vitality and energy to our entire lives. Heart coherence, brainwave entrainment with Schumann's Resonance, and relieving stress on the Cranio Sacral nerves freeing the Vagus nerve all contribute to recalibrating our well-being, even though we are continuously immersed in the electromagnetic "smog" of modern life.

Understanding why the microtubules have these liquid crystal properties, and why they lose them, is likely to prove useful in the war against cancer, which is unrestrained cell proliferation.

Recently scientists have come up with perhaps the most surprising role yet for liquid crystals: as models for events that took place at the beginning of the universe. As the liquid crystals cooled, the patterns were just like those in the early universe. As Above; So Below.

Every cell in the body is linked by electromagnetic contact with the toroidal-shaped magnetic field of the heart, mirroring the relationship of Earth with its organisms. Heart rate mediates stress response and balance of the relaxation response. The connective tissue matrix, with its semiconducting and liquid crystal holographic structure, resonates with these field changes.

Cells are fractals embedded in a holographic energetic matrix that extends beyond the skin boundary. The body is an energetic event, a self-organizing electromagnetically unified matrix. The living matrix continuum or tissue tensegrity matrix reaches inside each and every cell, all systematically interconnected parts of the body, even more so than the nervous system.

In 1973, Miller, Webb and Dickson described DNA as a holographic projector (see "Embryonic Holography"). In other words, genes encode and express themselves via light and radio waves, or acoustical holography (see "Quantum Bioholography", Miller, Miller and Webb, JNLRMI , 2002).

Delocalized interference patterns create calibration fields (blueprints) for our bodies' space-time organization. The system works as a biocomputer -- a wave biocomputer. DNA can also function as a gel-like liquid crystal, emitting a weak laser-like light that can be converted into an electro-acoustic signal.


Miller and Miller postulate, along with others that,

1. The organization of all biological systems is established by complex electrodynamic fields. We are fundamentally electromagnetic, rather than chemical beings. Wave interaction (and therefore cymatics and holographics) is a key determinant of biological structure and optimal functioning. Biosystems are sensitive to natural and artificial electromagnetic fields. Perturbations in environmental fields can induce changes in organisms informed by those fields. Field frequencies and amplitudes affect our biodynamic state.

2. ELF frequencies of Schumann's Resonance are intimately linked with those of human brainwaves. Natural or artificially induced changes in SR could affect subtle and perhaps gross brainwave generation. In particular, it could lead to changes in patterns and frequencies of resonance and resulting phenomena such as homeostasis, REM, psi, and healing.

For a decade, Robert Beck researched the brain wave activity of healers from all cultures and religious backgrounds (he enumerates psychics, shamans, dowsers, Christian healers, seers, ESP readers, kahuna, Santeria, wicca practitioners and others). Independent of their belief systems, each exhibited "nearly identical EEG signatures" during their "healing" moments: a 7.8-8Hz brainwave activity, which lasted from one to several seconds and which was "phase and frequency-synchronized with the earth's geoelectric micropulsations - the Schumann resonance". (Sidorov, JNLRMI)

Liquid crystals (DNA, brain ventricles, and cellular structures) in the human body may operate as antennae for detecting and decoding such global and local ELF signals. Beal (1996) proposes that liquid crystals (which are an intrinsic part of cell membranes) act as a detector/amplifier/memory storage device for ELF EM patterns in the environment. Proteins, tend to orient themselves in the 10-Hx resonant EMF, so would be extremely sensitive to ELF changes in the 10Hz region. A coherent wave-field may emerge from the body's own liquid crystal (LC) matrix.

The very structure and organization of living tissues is, however, itself regulated by that master molecule, the DNA. The genetic system (consisting, to be more accurate, of an equidirectional translation function which may start equally well with DNA, RNA or protein) reveals itself as a complex, multidimensional code with both local (codon) and global (context), material (nucleotide) and field-like (EM hologram) parameters, all of which are mutually interdependent and at the same time subject to external, environmental influences. (Sidorov, JNLRMI )

3. There is a strong correlation between behavioral disturbances in humans and periods of solar and geomagnetic field turbulence. Conversely, studies show that subjects living in isolation from geomagnetic rhythms over long periods of time developed increasing irregularities and chaotic physiological rhythms - which were dramatically restored after the introduction of a very weak 10Hz electrical field. Early astronauts suffered until SR generators were installed in their spacecrafts.

4. Geomagnetic anomalies (tectonic strain, earthlights, geomagnetic field perturbations) can induce some forms of anomalous cognition - such as auditory and visual hallucinations, and TLTs (temporal lobe transients or small seizures). Also, one of the effects of meditation is to "quiet the mind" as a method of allowing the "free-run" (or silent thalamic periods) to become entrained by natural geophysical rhythms. This form of tuning or "magnetoreception" is mediated by the pineal gland, (30% of its cells are magnetically sensitive), and organic magnetite-containing tissues.

Persinger (1989) points out that deep temporal lobe activity exists in equilibrium with the global geomagnetic condition. When there is a sudden decrease in geomagnetic activity, there appears to be an enhancement of processes that facilitate psi reception, especially telepathy and clairvoyance. Increases in geomagnetic activity may suppress pineal melatonin levels and contribute to reductions of cortical seizure thresholds. Indeed, melatonin is correlated with temporal lobe-related disorders such as depression and seizures. (Krippner)

5. Optimal global ELF (calm night; low sunspot activity; low EM pollution) conditions can facilitate anomalous cognitions, including psi such as ESP, remote viewing, and remote healing.

Psi is always present in space and time, waiting to be accessed by crisis, emotion, or by optimal laboratory stimulus parameters. Geomagnetic activity may affect the detection capacity of the brain for this information, especially the neural pathways that facilitate the consolidation and conscious access to this information. Without this geomagnetic activity, awareness of the psi stimulus might not be as likely and the brain's "latent reserve capacities" would not be utilized. (Krippner)


Sidorov (2001) and others have suggested that human intent functions as a variable window of transmission/reception in the exchange of extrasensory information, possibly within the range of ELF electromagnetic frequencies. Brain synchronization with Schumann's Resonance of both sender and receiver facilitates psi, or "therapeutic entrainment," amplifying, re-radiating coherent waveforms derived from the environment, simulating the wave pattern of the environment. Sidorov further hypothesizes,

"Brainwaves (particularly in the alpha range) can be transmitted along the perineural system (or via Frohlich excitation) to any distal parts of the body, and even to adjacent organisms, via ELF EM waves. These frequencies can be amplified by closely-related Schumann resonance waves, or by feedback mechanisms typical of the body's physiological pathways (akin to immunologic and neuroendocrinologic cascades). In turn, these basic frequencies can re-activate stalled healing processes, enhance growth, accelerate immune responses, and generally "jump-start" functions inherent to the body's tissues, by "rebalancing its energies" (according to Oriental medicine) or (in Beal's terminology) by re-configuring the liquid crystal orientation of cell membrane components and thus triggering specific intracellular responses."

We are proposing, along with Pitkanin and Sidorov, that the Schumann resonance may be the substrate for a radar-type extrasensory perception mechanism common to all living beings. Like water bouncing off of rocks and other submerged objects, this non-specific frequency is absorbed and re-radiated in unique interference patterns by all objects it encounters.

This interference pattern is a composite of external and internal properties, as the constituent atoms, molecules and their global assembly all re-transmit this energy according to their specific configurations. Not only that, but the “sounding waves” can be frequency and pattern modulated by conscious intent in order to yield specific information (interference patterns). Decoded by the brain they return almost instantly on the “back” of the Schumann Resonance.

Once recaptured, the patterns are then decoded by the brain. In this Fourier-type transformation the information is translated into conscious data, much like other sensory processing. Conversely, specific effects may be imprinted as bioinformation and made to exercise a "mysterious action at a distance", once the signal wave reaches the target.

That pattern, in turn, may, under the right ("pre-requisite") global conditions, avoid routine dissipation and become instead coupled to the dominating ("state-of-consciousness") standing wave that is picked up and carried by the Schumann resonance.

Mental intent may function as a variable window of transmission/reception in the exchange of extrasensory information. Tuned into the Schumann resonance, it may carry such bio-regulating information to distant targets and act as a primitive, radar-type sensory interface. All these and more mechanisms depend on the SR frequencies staying within their median range.

In a prior, "first-thoughts" essay discussing the presence of Schumann frequencies in the EEG during various healing practices we had proposed that mental intent might function as a variable window of transmission/ reception in the exchange of extrasensory information, which tuned into the Schumann resonance to carry such bio-regulating information to distant targets and acted as a primitive, radar-type sensory interface (Sidorov 2001).

However, pursuing this line of thought soon leads to the landmark experiments of Robert Becker - who, it became evident, had not only reached somewhat similar conclusions based on his own body of evidence, but had gone beyond them to suggest that such subtle currents could reach far deeper into our genetic and consciousness control mechanisms.

After nearly eight decades of EEG and other brain imaging studies, it is sobering to realize that we still can't tell with certainty where EEG voltages come from (Becker 1985, pp 88). It is conceivable that Becker's perineural system and/or the LC - liquid crystal matrix of the organism (including, but not limited to, connective tissues, cell membranes and DNA) might act as a full-body array of sensory receptors for Pitkanen's magnetic sensory canvas signals, with specific excitations patterns coding for different types of information.

The body's ubiquitous liquid crystal arrays and their almost infinite configuration possibilities make them a top candidate for the primary sensory receptors parapsychology has been looking for. It is even conceivable that DNA phase-conjugation properties (see Popp and Chang, 1998) allow it to function as a multi-mode antenna, altering its function according to surrounding signal fields and possibly acting not just as a regulatory program, but also an element of "extrasensory" perception. (Sidorov)

As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.

"The ecology of the soul is to recycle one's consciousness."
Videru Telemahandi in art film EAT THE SUN

Herbert Frohlich (1988) discovered the whole living network vibrates continuously at light frequencies as electrical potentials moved through the liquid crystal structures within tissues forming a high-speed network. The formation of our organisms is related to the science of cymatics where sound is related to strucural forms.

Sound and coherent light are foundational and the means DNA uses to construct and coordinate communication throughout the body (Gariaev). These subtle fields of EM forces have been called many names throughout history - the aura, chi, prana, orgone, bioluminescence.

Many hands on, energetic, and movement therapies and high performance doctrines are based around their manipulation. The synchrony or desynchrony of these signals impacts our health and well-being. This is tied to our ancient fight/flight response. Resonance therapies help us recalibrate our systems, whether through meditation or energy work. The body is our holographic memory, a vast system of information storage at a cellular level.

Plasmas and Bioplasma

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (liquid, gaseous, solid). Living organisms are plasmas.

Plasma physics has merged with biology; life is a highly energetic system, not just chemical processes. The optimal adaptation to receive any kind of information and relay it instantaneously to the entire mass of the system is found in plasma.

Plasma is a source of all types of waves, which feed back on the plasma and display mutual correlation. The manifestations of life may be ultimately summarized in terms of plasma and radiation. The secret of life lies in process control through small energy and with minimal noise. Plasma can be controlled only through fields, in particular magnetic fields.

The plasma approach to life points out that life is electric, however, its control takes place magnetically. Plasma is revealed by the emission of an electromagnetic field and is obedient only to this field, even a very weak one. The electronic processes of metabolism may be treated as a plasma state within the solid state of organic compounds.

Significantly, low-frequency biological rhythms display relations with the geophysical environment.

The alpha rhythm of the human brain has a frequency of about 10 Hz, which is the same as the frequency of magnetohydrodynamic oscillations of the ionosphere, and of the vibrations of the Earth's crust. Magnetohydrodynamics is based on magnetic transmission over a plasma carrier. Sedlak proposes that magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma.

The same frequency is found in the continuous vibrations of the entire organism's skeletal muscles in warm-blooded animals. For a human adult this frequency is 7 - 13 Hz, falling in the range of 8 - 12 Hz in 80% of subjects. The coincidence with the cerebral alpha waves lacks an explanation to date. The rhythm may be transmitted by waves through the organism as biological microvibrations.

Plasma unites in itself the phenomena of electrodynamics, electronics, and hydrodynamics, even in the absence of a fluid medium. One of the manifestations of this situation is magnetohydroydnamic waves (MHD).

The wave propagation of magnetic field fluctuations in plasma is analogous to ripples in a fluid medium, accompanied by real transport of magnetic energy. Therefore, a biological system possesses its own magnetic information, highly sensitive to external field variations and unusually responsive to spin variations in organic structure.

Magnetohydrodynamic waves and weak radiation are typical electromagnetic effects of plasma.

Plasma -- the fundamental background for the processes of life -- is maintained in a constantly agitated state of generation and decay. This magnetohydrodynamic controlled state is correlated with metabolic process, such as anabolism-catabolism and oxidation. It is notably related to physiological currents and weakly luminescent effects (biophotons; bioluminescence).

What is formed is a complex signaling system -- involving electric, magnetic, optical and acoustic effects. This signaling system must operate not only on the level of single macromolecules like DNA, but also on that of groups of molecules, such as cells, tissues, organs and the organism, and above all on the level of the metabolism, as an ensemble of chemical processes.

Magnetic mechanisms control the plasma medium that has features of a conducting liquid. Here hydrodynamics combines with electrodynamics, yielding magnetohydrodynamic vibrations. The common factor of the entire system, namely the averaged-out electronic state of the metabolism, is likely a carrier and receptor of those controls. In more biological terms -- the entire metabolism is the fundamental control within a living system.

Living organisms respond to low-frequency fields. Because the separation of an electro-magnetic field into electric and magnetic vectors is an involved problem, the effects are usually attributed to the electric vector. The sensitivity of living systems to fluctuations of weak magnetic fields of planetary origin indicates that magnetic effects play an even more fundamental role.

A biological system displays not only an electronic "life" of its own, typical of protein semiconductors, but also a specific magnetic "life" endowed with a characteristic rhythm. Plasma repels magnetic field lines (or is itself repelled by them), or "freezes" field lines within itself.

Fellow MindBody Researchers

I have been inspired along the way by colleagues and healers too numerous to mention, including Dr. Stanley Krippner, David Feinstein, Donna Eden, Dr. Marshall Gilula, Burt Webb, Prof. Gordon Shippey, Prof. Chris King, Ben Goertzel, F. David Peat, Todd Murphy, Marco Bischof, Ernest Rossi, Peggie Southwick, Randy Mack, Leanne Roffey, PhD, Peter Gariaev, Physicist, Dr. Carl Schliecher, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Graywolf Swinney, Jack Schwartz, Ed Chouinard, Ralph Frost, James Oschmann, Lian Sidorov, Matti Pitkanin, Jim Beal, Mae Wan Ho, Lorin Kiely, Karen Gilbert, and others. There are references to their work here.

"Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction. The keys to our physiology are also the keys to consciousness. Phenomena now considered esoteric may someday be explained in terms of bioelectronic interactions of energy and matter. What has been the realm of metaphysical healing may become a precise EM healing science." (Roffey)

Bioresonance: Resonant Frequency Therapies

Interactions between electromagnetic fields and living matter are pursued on three levels:

Prevention: the way electromagnetic fields influence the development of illnesses.

Diagnosis: the way endogenous bio-electric signals and weak electrical and magnetic fields of bio-molecules correlate with the state of health.

Treatment: the way biological structures and functions can be modulated by means of electromagnetic fields.

Stanford cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton http://brucelipton.com characterizes the environment as awash in signals. Specific frequencies are informational signals. While the environment is in a sense "chaotic," with hundreds and thousands of simultaneously-expressed "signals," the cell can selectively read only those signals that are relevant to its existence.

Physiology reveals that most of the body's natural chemicals are released by an electrical signal or an electrochemical reaction. Can these same chemicals be released by applying an external electrical signal? Can different EM parameters stimulate different chemical systems?

Simply stated, can externally applied bioelectromagnetic fields influence cell and organismal behavior and expression? The answer is a clear, resounding, and unequivocal, YES! Through event-related synchronization and desynchronization.

Electromagnetic energy fields, which include energies in the ranges of microwaves, radio-frequencies, the visible light spectrum, ELF and even acoustic frequencies, have been shown to profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate: cell division; gene regulation; DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; protein conformation and function; morphogenesis; bone growth, regeneration; and nerve conduction and growth.

As evidence has mounted that bioeffects of EM fields that are not only dwarfed by much larger intrinsic bioelectric processes, but may also be substantially below the level of tissue thermal noise. Theoretical and experimental studies now seek the first transductive steps. Answers to that important question are currently sought in EM field interactions with free radicals that have a role at electric power frequencies and at the other extreme in the EM spectrum in bioeffects of millimeter waves. (Adey)

If electromagnetic fields can affect enzymes and cells, there is no reason of principle why one should not expect to be able to tailor a waveform as a therapeutic agent in much the same way as one now modulates chemical structures to obtain pharmacological selectivity. The high specificity of electromagnetic signals may result in the "direct targeting" of activity, without many of the side-effects common to pharmaceutical substances.

“Understanding the nature of this correlation may enable us to characterize and further utilize various types of "healing energies". The paradigm for the application of these energies may develop into a basis for a variety of existing complementary medical practices. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric.

"The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of "bioplasma". Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control. The EM fields emitted by trained healers may be considered as coherent, resonant biomagnetic emissions by which a less coherent EM field of the patient is "tuned" to the specific frequency and phase, and through which homeostasis can be "aligned" to induce "healing".“ (Roffey)


Biophotons are weak emissions of light radiated from the cells of all living things. A photon is a single particle of light. Plants, animals and humans generate up to 100 photons per second, per .15 square inches (1 sq. centimeter) of surface area. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, but biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes.

According to a leading researcher of biophotons, German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, light is constantly being absorbed and remitted by DNA molecules within each cell's nucleus. These biophotons create a dynamic, coherent web of light. A system that could be responsible for chemical reactions within the cells, cellular communication throughout the organism, and the overall regulation of the biological system, including embryonic development into a predetermined form.

The laser-like coherence of the biophoton field is a significant attribute, making it a prime candidate for exchanging information in a highly functional, efficient and cooperative fashion, lending credence to the idea that it may be the intelligence factor behind the biological processes. An aspect of, or cousin to consciousness, though this remains speculative.

Biophoton emissions will vary according to the functional state of the organism. If a disease such as cancer affects certain cells they will radiate a different photonic signature than healthy cells of the same type. In this way biophotons can be a noninvasive tool for assessing the state of health or vitality. Applications can extend far into other areas like testing food and water quality, checking for chemical or electromagnetic contamination, or agricultural testing for products that improve crop resistance to disease. Biophysicists in many European and Asian countries are currently engaged in such research.

Proponents of alternative medicine see a possible connection between biophotons and natural healing techniques. For example acupuncture is based on manipulating or exciting "ch'i" energy -- the vital life force that, according to ancient Chinese belief, regulates body function and is responsible for well-being. It is suggested that the meridians or energy points used by acupuncturists may tap into node lines within the biophoton field.

It is further hypothesized that all living things might be connected together through dynamic biophoton fields.

A Russian scientist discovered bipohotons in 1923, dubbing them mitogenetic rays. Though Professor Alexander Gurvich’s discovery sparked wide research, it wasn't until 1974 that Popp proved their existence, revealed their origin in DNA, and subsequently their coherence. Popp's biophoton theory provides an intriguing and promising path for more international research, which could lead to major developments in our understanding of life, the mechanisms of healing and health, and our interconnectedness with the world around us.

Though skeptics relegate much of this to pseudoscience, research may eventually shed light on biophotons for us all.

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Bill Hamilton: This light emission is an expression of the functional state of the living organism and its measurement therefore can be used to assess this state. Cancer cells and healthy cells of the same type, for instance, can be discriminated by typical differences in biophoton emission. After an initial decade and a half of basic research on this discovery, biophysicists of various European and Asian countries are now exploring the many interesting applications which range across such diverse fields as cancer research, non-invasive early medical diagnosis, food and water quality testing, chemical and electromagnetic contamination testing, cell communication, and various applications in biotechnology.

According to the biophoton theory developed on the base of these discoveries the biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism - more precisely, in the DNA molecules of their nuclei - and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA may connect cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes. The processes of morphogenesis, growth, differentiation and regeneration are also explained by the structuring and regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism, may also be basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness, as postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others. The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field are closely related to its base in the properties of the physical vacuum and indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness.

The discovery of biophoton emission also lends scientific support to some unconventional methods of healing based on concepts of homeostasis (self-regulation of the organism), such as various somatic therapies, homeopathy and acupuncture. The "ch'i" energy flowing in our bodies' energy channels (meridians) which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine regulates our body functions may be related to node lines of the organism's biophoton field. The "prana" of Indian Yoga physiology may be a similar regulating energy force that has a basis in weak, coherent electromagnetic biofields."



A Review of the Field from 1973 (C)2002
Richard Alan Miller, Iona Miller, and Burt Webb, 2002

ABSTRACT: Complex information can be encoded in EM fields, as we all know from coding and decoding of television and radio signals. Even more complex information can be encoded in holographic images.

DNA acts as a holographic projector of acoustic and EM information which contains the informational quintessence of the biohologram. Only 3% of human DNA encodes the physical body. The remaining 97% of the 3 billion base pair genome contains over a million genetic structures called transposons, that have the capacity to jump from one chromosomal location to another (Kelleher, 1999). We are 99.9% alike in our genetic legacy. Our individuality is expressed in three million small variations in our cells, called single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Gene-expression is the mechanism by which new patterns are called into being (Rossi, 2000). There is also a strong correlation between modulation of the brain’s EM field and consciousness (Persinger, 1987; McFadden, 2002).

The Gariaev group has discovered a wave-based genome and DNA phantom effect which strongly supports the holographic concept of reality (Miller, Webb, Dickson, 1975). This main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons and radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain -- a quantum hologram -- a translation process between acousticall and optical holograms.

Creative, novel and enriching psychotherapeutic experiences can lead to neurogenesis, gene expression, and healing which facilitate mindbody communication and can have a long-term transformative effect on the whole person (Rossi, 2002). Thus, bioholography has relevant applications for optimizing health, well-being and even self-realization. It is relevant in biophysics, medicine, psychobiology, psychotherapy and the holistic healing arts. It provides us with a more genetically integrated model of the complex dynamics of the mindbody -- one arising in the domain underlying the standard genetic code triplet model.

Keywords: DNA, DNA phantom, wave biocomputer, genome, wave-based genome, quantum holography, bioholography, organismic evolution, vacuum substructure, biophysics, psychobiology, gene expression, psychotherapeutic applications.


Hypothesis: The organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its atomic physiochemical components. These, in part, determine the behavior and orientation of these components. This dynamic is mediated through wave-based genomes wherein DNA functions as the holographic projector of the psychophysical system - a quantum biohologram.

A model of the mind-body relationship is developed in which novel biophysical principles in genome function generate a dynamic possessing attributes consistent with both our psychophysical nature and consciousness. The model invokes a fractal link between neurodynamical chaos and quantum uncertainty. Transactional wave collapse allows this link to be utilized predictively by the excitable cell, in a way which bypasses and complements formal computation. The formal unpredictability of the model allows mind to interact upon the brain, the predictivity of consciousness in survival strategies being selected as a trait by organismic evolution (King, 2001). This quantum evolution is orchestrated by the information transduction of DNA.

The Gariaev group (1994) has proposed a theory of the Wave-based Genome where the DNA-wave functions as a Biocomputer. They suggest (1) that there are genetic "texts", similar to natural context-dependent texts in human language; (2) that the chromosome apparatus acts simultaneously both as a source and receiver of these genetic texts, respectively decoding and encoding them; (3) the chromosome continuum acts like a dynamical holographic grating, which displays or transduces weak laser light and solitonic electro-acoustic fields.

The distribution of the character frequency in genetic texts is fractal, so the nucleotides of DNA molecules are able to form holographic pre-images of biostructures. This process of "reading and writing" the very matter of our being manifests from the genome's associative holographic memory in conjunction with its quantum nonlocality. Rapid transmission of genetic information and gene-expression unite the organism as holistic entity embedded in the larger Whole. The system works as a biocomputer -- a wave biocomputer.

The quantum nonlocality of the genetic information is fundamental. Experimental work of the Gariaev group shows how quantum nonlocality is directly related to laser radiation from chromosomes (coherent light), which jitterbugs its polarization plane to radiate or occlude photons. DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments. Roughly speaking, DNA can be considered as a liquid crystal gel-like state that acts on the incoming light in the manner of a solitonic lattice.

A soliton is an ultra stable wave train that arises in the context of non-linear wave oscillation. The DNA reading process can be modelled as a complex mechanical oscillator capable of producing solitonic wave transmissions. DNA, modelled as a kind of rotary pendulum can be simulated as a chain of non-linear oscillators. Complex dynamic patterns arise when taking into account the non-linear covalent connections between nucleotides.

The same researchers suspect the ability of chromosomes to transform their own genetic-sign laser radiations into broadband genetic-sign radio waves. The polarizations of chromosome laser photons are connected nonlocally and coherently to polarizations of radio waves. Thus, we have an explicit physical analogue for the traditional mystical apprehension of inner Light and the Audible Life Stream. This is the main information channel of DNA, the same for both photons and radio waves. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain -- a quantum hologram -- a translation proccess between acoustical and optical holograms.


In Languages of the Brain (1971), Pribram postulated a neural hologram made by the interaction of waves in the cortex, which in turn is based on a hologram of much shorter wavelengths formed by the wave interactions on the sub-atomic level. Thus, we have a hologram within a hologram, and the interrelatedness of the two somehow gives rise to our sensory images. Bohm (1980), in Wholeness and the Implicate Order went further, declaring the brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe. In a holographic model this inseparable interconnectedness begins at the even more fundamental level of human existence, rooted in our existential blueprint, DNA. The brain is a hologram, enfolded within our holographic mind-body, enfolded within a holographic universe.

Recent discoveries by Russian scientists Peter Gariaev, et al and later speculations by Vladimir Poponin shed tremendous light on our proposal that the human being is a transducer of universal energy and consciousness -- essentially a biocomputer. The neww feature of this research is the ability to physically demonstrate subtle fields emerging from the quantum foam or vacuum potential. This makes the effect quantifiable and measurable -- objective.

This takes the phenomenon and subjectivity of consciousness out of the realm of quantum metaphysics and plants it firmly under the rubric of hard science. It heralds the unification of quantum mechanical and chaotic dynamics in human consciousness. We can now model the human bio-computer.

Poponin (1995) boldly suggests that this deeper understanding of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena include many of the observed alternative healing phenomena and includes a physical theory of consciousness. This hypothesis is based on a precise quantitative background and combines both quantum mechanics and complexity or chaos dynamics in a startling and compelling new way. It posits that some new field structure is being excited from the physical vacuum by an intrinsic ability that emerges through DNA.

Gariaev discovered the DNA Phantom Effect in 1985, when he worked in correlation spectroscopy of DNA, ribosomes and collagen in the Institute of Physics, in the Academy of Science of the USSR. He was first able to publish his results in 1991, leading to a book in 1994, Wave Based Genome. His DNA Phantom Effect demonstrates a dynamic new field in the vacuum substructure by bombarding it with coherent laser light and coupling it to conventional electromagnetic fields.

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